Visa Check Card

Visa Check Cards are available with any checking account we offer. They have no monthly fee, and you can choose your own PIN number. Our Visa Check Card is FREE when used as a credit transaction (when you sign for your purchase).  If you choose to use your Visa Check card as a debit (when you use your pin number) you will incur a 0.25¢ fee for each pin purchases. Your Check card may be used at any non-Members First ATM, including our Surcharge-Free Allpoint ATM Network with only a $1.00 convenience fee. Make sure to Opt-In your Check card for emergency situations as well!

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Opt-In Your Check Card

What is Opt-In? Opt-In is a service we offer to qualified members that have a Checking account with a Check Card. When you Opt-In, we will cover purchases made with your Check Card when you don’t have the available funds in your Checking account. There is no charge to have Opt-In unless you use it! If you do happen to use it, we will charge a $25 fee for each purchase made with your Check card when you don’t have the funds available in your Checking account. Opt-In can help you in emergency situations and it’s a very beneficial service we offer if used responsibly. 

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Visa Credit Card

Our Visa Credit Card has no annual fee and low interest rates*. Our Visa credit card will allow you to view your balance, payment information, and transfer funds from one of your Members First deposit accounts to your credit card for a payment on CU Online. If your looking for a way to build or repair your credit, we also offer a Secured Visa Credit Card as well.

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Fraud Prevention Services & How we protect your account.

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ATM & ATM Network Locations

Access to your cash has never been easier!  Members First has joined the Allpoint ATM Network so you now have access to over 55,000 surcharge- free ATM’s* around the world and over 43,000 surcharge- free ATMs* in the United States alone!  No matter where you’re at, there will be a surcharge free ATM* near you. 

Visit the Allpoint Network website or download the Members First CU, Texas app to find your nearest surcharge-free ATM!*

  • Target
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger
  • Speedway
  • Safeway
  • Winn Dixie


Voice Assistance ATM Locator: 1-800-809-0308 Option 2​

*Although you will not receive a surcharge-fee from using an Allpoint ATM, you will receive a $1.00 convenience fee charged by Members First. The ATM may display a surcharge fee screen. If so, accept the charge and proceed with your transaction. You will not be charged the surcharge fee by Allpoint. Not every location listed above will have an Allpoint ATM.  


Helpful Card Information

DepartmentTypePhone Number
Check Card Activation & PIN ChangeUS(800) 290-7893
International(206) 624-7998
Lost or Stolen CardDuring Business Hours(361) 991-6178
After Business Hours(888) 297-3416
Declined Card Purchase AssistanceVisa Debit and Credit Cards(800) 547-3290
Allpoint ATM LocatorVisa Debit Cards Only(800) 809-0308 Option 2
Important phone numbers for your Members First Visa Debit and Credit cards.