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Regular Certificate

A Members First Certificate lets you save with flexible terms from 3 to 36 months and a low $1,000.00 minimum balance. You can also earn monthly dividends that compound over time and enjoy no maintenance fees.

Great Start Certificate

The Great Start Certificate is the perfect way to kick off your savings plan. With only $200.00 as an initial deposit and monthly automatic transfers of at least $50.00, you can watch your money grow. You can also customize the term of the certificate from 12 to 36 months to suit your goal.

Grow Up Certificate

The Grow Up Certificate is a special certificate account for children 17 and under. You can start with just $5.00 and add money anytime. You can also pick the duration of the account from 3 to 36 months to suit your savings goal.


Our IRAs offer competitive rates and monthly dividends that compound over time. You don’t have to pay any set up or maintenance fees for our IRAs, unlike many other financial institutions. You can also enjoy the same rates and terms as our regular Certificates for your IRAs.

IRA Certificate

Members First offers both Roth and Traditional IRA Certificates with the same rates and terms as our regular Certificates.


*APY – Annual Percentage Yield. A minimum balance and opening deposit of $1,000.00 is required for a regular Certificate, $200.00 minimum for a Great Start Certificate, and $5.00 for the Grow Up Certificate. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. All Certificate rates are subject to change daily without prior notice. Contact us at 361-991-6178 for most current rates, and for more information on fees and other conditions which may reduce earnings or could change the dividends/ interest on these accounts. Federally Insured by NCUA.