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Visa Check Card
Visa Check Cards are available with any checking account we offer. They have no monthly fee, and you can choose your own PIN number. Our Visa Check Card is FREE when used as a credit transaction (when you sign for your purchase).  If you choose to use your Visa Check card as a debit (when you use your pin number) you will incur a 0.25¢ fee for each pin purchases. Your Check card may be used at any ATM, including our Surcharge-Free Allpoint ATM Network, and any business that accepts Visa. Make sure to Opt-In your Check card for emergency situations as well! 
Apply for a Check Card (Links to Visa Check Card Agreement PDF) 

Opt-In Your Check Card
What is Opt-In? Opt-In is a service we offer to qualified members that have a Checking account with a Check Card. When you Opt-In, we will cover purchases made with your Check Card when you don’t have the available funds in your Checking account. There is no charge to have Opt-In unless you use it! If you do happen to use it, we will charge a $25 fee for each purchase made with your Check card when you don’t have the funds available in your Checking account. Opt-In can help you in emergency situations and it’s a very beneficial service we offer if used responsibly. 
Opt-In your Check card electronically through an edoc by clicking the button below!

Click here to Opt-In (Links to Overdraft Privilege Opt-In PDF) 

Visa Credit Card
Our Visa Credit Card has no annual fee and low interest rates*. Our Visa credit card will allow you to view your balance, payment information, and transfer funds from one of your Members First deposit accounts to your credit card for a payment on CU Online. If your looking for a way to build or repair your credit, we also offer a Secured Visa Credit Card as well.
Apply for a Credit Card

Click here for the Visa Credit Card Agreement

AllPoint ATM Network  
Access to your cash has never been easier!  Members First has joined the Allpoint ATM Network so you now have access to over 55,000 surcharge- free ATM’s around the world and over 43,000 surcharge- free ATMs in the United States alone!  No matter where you're at, there will be a surcharge free ATM near you. 

Visit www.allpointnetwork.com to find the nearest ATM location or download the AllPoint App below!

Voice Assistance ATM locator: 1-800-809-0308 Option 2                    

  Download the Allpoint App Linked to Allpoint website   Allpoint Icon Linked to Allpoint website

Our ATM Network

Members First ATM
5444 S. Staples St. CC, TX 78411
1430 S. Padre Island Dr. CC, TX 78416
11166 Up River Rd. CC, TX 78410
722 S Loop 499, Harlingen TX 78550

City Employees CU
2140 Gollihar Rd. CC, TX 78416
3131 Holly Rd. CC, TX 78415
1201 Leopard St. CC, TX 78401 (City Hall)

Homeport Federal CU
523 Taylor St. CC, TX 78401
5959 S. Staples St. Ste. 100 CC, TX 78413

Gulf Coast Federal CU 
2633 Rodd Field Rd. CC, TX 78414
4677 S. Staples St. CC, TX 78411

1909 E. Main, Alice, TX 78332

Suntide Federal CU
2141 Tuloso Rd. CC, TX 78409 
4401 S. Staples St. CC, TX 78411
10514 Leopard St, CC, TX 78410
Flint Hills East Plant, Nueces Bay Blvd
(Flint Hills employees only)
Flint Hills West Plant, Suntide Rd.
(Flint Hills employees only)

South Texas Area Resources CU
10429 Leopard St. CC, TX 78410
2606 Hospital Blvd. CC, TX 78405
(Memorial Hospital)

6009 Holly Rd. CC, TX. 78412

You will not receive a surcharge fee from any ATM listed in our network, although you will still receive a $1.00 convenience fee charged by Members First.

Helpful Card Information

Check Card Activation &
Pin Change

US: 1-800-290-7893 or International: 206-624-7998

Lost or Stolen Check Card

During business hours: 361-991-6178  
After hours- 1-888-297-3416

Check Card Decline Assistance

Declined Card Purchase 1-800-547-3290 




*All loans subject to usual credit standards. Rate determined by credit score. Amount determined by income. All pictures on cards above are samples only and not available for use

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